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The Throwdown Series Elevates Athlete Recovery with Rocktape Partnership

Penticton, BC – The Throwdown Series, is excited to announce a dynamic partnership with Rocktape, the leading name in kinesiology tape and recovery aids. This new alliance crowns Rocktape as the 'Official Recovery Partner' for The Throwdown Series 2024 competitions, introducing a specialized Recovery Zone to aid athletes in their competition efforts.

Throughout the partnership, Rocktape will furnish the Recovery Zone within the athlete warm-up area, providing professional taping services, and recovery support at both Throwdown Series competitions in 2024. This initiative will be spearheaded by local clinicians, including Dr. Dorian Da Ros from NuVista Chiropractic& Wellness in Penticton, Dr. Shawna Tyler & Dr. Dionne Tatlow from OKGN Core Chiropractic in Penticton & Kelowna, and Dr. Chris Col from Move RX Performance and Wellness. All have the Rocktape Clinician training and offer complimentary athletic taping to the competitors during the event.

"We are enthusiastic about bringing Rocktape's unparalleled taping products and trained clinicians to The Throwdown Series. This partnership underscores our commitment to athlete care and performance, enhancing the competitive experience for all involved," said Cynthia Pelletier, Implus Canada the Canadian Distributors for Rocktape.

In addition to onsite support, Rocktape is contributing their expertise through online training and certification for local clinicians, ensuring athletes receive top-tier recovery care. Their comprehensive online resources will equip practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to support athletes effectively.

The collaboration also extends to providing Rocktape products like RockSauce, providing relief for sore muscles and joints as well as the world's best kinesiology tape at a discounted rate for The Throwdown Series community, furthering the reach and impact of Rocktape’s mission to support mobility and recovery. Attendees and participants will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Rocktape first-hand, with their products designed for optimal athlete recovery and performance.

“This partnership with Rocktape represents a significant step forward in our mission to offer the best in athlete support and performance,” said Jennifer Metituk, event organizer for The Throwdown Series. “Rocktape’s commitment to excellence and innovation in sports medicine perfectly aligns with our ethos, promising an enhanced experience for our athletes.”

Rocktape has a distinguished history of collaborating with premier sports organizations, providing cutting-edge products and services that help athletes perform at their best. The Throwdown Series is proud to join forces with Rocktape, marking a new chapter in their shared dedication to the health and performance of athletes across Canada.

For more information about Rocktape’s range of products and services, please visit

About The Throwdown Series

The Throwdown Series is the pinnacle of functional fitness competition in Western Canada, known for its highly competitive events that draw athletes from across the region. With a focus on community, performance, and health, The Throwdown Series provides a platform for athletes to showcase their skills in a challenging and supportive environment.

About Rocktape

Rocktape is a leader in sports medicine products and education, dedicated to providing innovative recovery solutions for athletes at every level. Known for their world-class kinesiology tape, Rocktape also offers a wide range of products designed to improve mobility, enhance performance, and support recovery.



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