Throwdown 2022 is now being held at 

Skaha Beach, Penticton, May 14/15!




The Throwdown Series is a CrossFit style competition. It has been historically held in two of the largest indoor venues in North America for its type of event. Each competition attracts between 300-500 competitors from teams all across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.   In 2022, due to the challenges of Covid, the event will be held at Skaha Beach in Penticton, which we believe will make a great addition to the series. 

During each Throwdown Series event, male and female athletes compete within various individual and team divisions over two days of competition. They face a series of workouts that are designed to accommodate novice to elite functional fitness athletes. Each event is programmed uniquely using movements that include weightlifting, powerlifting, medicine ball and kettlebell training, rowing, running, skipping, plyometrics, and gymnastics. The programming tests and rewards well rounded functional fitness. At the end of the weekend, the individual or team with the best Overall Fitness level in each division comes out on top. 

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CrossFit has been a mainstay as one of the fastest growing sports in the world in 2016. Its biggest annual competition drew over 324,000 competitors from participating gyms in 142 different countries around the world. Thanks to a devout following and its dynamic competition style, it also continues to gain steam as a popular spectator sport. With a world-class venue and professional quality production, the  Throwdown Series offers a one-of-a-kind experience for both athletes and spectators that want to take part in the global rise of the sport of fitness.