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Jennifer & Dave Metituk


Jennifer and Dave are based in the sunny Okanagan, in Penticton BC.  Vetrans to organizing sporting events they have been involved in multiple events from Power Lifting, Alberta Summer Games, Competitive Swimming and even large scale Automotive Racing Events like the ever popular Drag Wars in Northern Alberta.

ron tuner.jpg

Ron Turner 


Ron is a L2 CrossFit Trainer, Personal Trainer, Olympic Lifting and Power Lifiting Coach - currently Head Coach at the beautiful Beach City Crossfit in Penticton BC.

Over the past 15 years in the CrossFit community, Ron has competed at a high level, as well as nurtured competitive athletes in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, and Power Lifting while training athletes from hockey, basketball, swimming, and other sports.  Ron has programmed and run many Throwdown events, as well as Power Lifting, meets.  His goal is to provide a fun and challenging competition for all athletes to build and support the CrossFit community.  

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