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Special Prize announcement for event 2A - 1 RM Hang Snatch at OVT 24

We are thrilled to announce a highlight of our upcoming CrossFit competition — Event 2A, the Viking Lift Off! Set for Saturday afternoon, this event promises to bring a new level of excitement and challenge as we integrate Olympic weightlifting scoring and scoring into the CrossFit arena.

About the Event

The Viking Lift Off is not just another event; it's a standout opportunity for athletes across all divisions to showcase their strength and skill in Olympic weightlifting. This year, we’re focusing on the hang snatch, a dynamic and challenging movement that requires both power and finesse. Athletes will have a set time to hit their heaviest lift, making every second and every attempt count.

Our Partner: The Viking Weightlifting Club

We are proud to collaborate with the Viking Weightlifting Club for this event. Their expertise in Olympic weightlifting brings a higher level of authenticity and competitive spirit to our competition. With their support, we are excited to offer a platform where CrossFit meets Olympic lifting, challenging our athletes to push their limits and achieve new personal bests.

The Prize: Sponsored by Gorila Fitness

Thanks to our generous sponsor, Gorila Fitness, the stakes are higher than ever. The top male and female lifters of the day will not go home empty-handed but will be awarded top-of-the-line Gorila CF Competition Barbells. This incredible prize is not just a reward for their hard work and dedication but also a tool that will help them continue to excel in their training and competitions.

Scoring System

To ensure fairness and competitiveness, scores will be calculated using the Sinclair Coefficient, which adjusts for body weight, making it a fair contest for lifters of all sizes.

Join Us!

The Viking Lift Off is an event you won’t want to miss. Remember, tickets for spectators are available at a 50% discount until Thursday, but only online. Grab yours and be a part of this exciting fusion of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting!

As we count down the days to Saturday, stay tuned for more updates and get ready to witness impressive displays of strength and technique at the Viking Lift Off. It’s more than just lifting weights; it’s about setting new standards, pushing boundaries, and celebrating the spirit of our amazing fitness community. Let the countdown begin!


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