While FVT 2019 is an official Canwest Sanctional Qualifier for Elite individual athletes, OVT will now be the qualifier for Trios!!  Top elite athletes will skip the qualifiers and will be given a personal invitation to compete at the Canwest Sanctionals 2020.  

Registration for FVT 2019 is now sold out.  Registration for OVT 2020 is now open with coupon codes for Early Bird Pricing released to FVT participants on the weekend!  Check your emails!!  The event is expected to sell out quickly as spaces are limited.

Watch the website for more information on formatting of the weekend. 

There will be a limited number of spaces, in each division at each Throwdown Series event. Divisions are filled on a first come first serve basis.


To prevent athletes from training specifically for our workouts and to further reward inclusive and well-rounded fitness, workout descriptions and movement standards are not revealed until just days before each event. 


Scoring and rankings at the Throwdown Series events are determined using the point system. Competitors in each division are awarded points based on where they finish in each workout. A competitor finishing a workout in first place is awarded I point while a competitor finishing in 9th place is awarded 9 points. The competitor with the least amount of points after all workouts will have the highest overall ranking. 



Elite Individuals

Elite Masters and Teens

Elite Trios

Intermediate Individuals

Intermediate Trios

Scaled Individuals

Scaled Trio

To better align with the Canwest Sanctionals we have moved from duos to trios. 


If you signed up as duos at Canwest Games your credit will be transfered to a trio as promised.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  For all those who pre-registered at Canwest Games 2019 to receive the discount, Coupons codes, will be emailed to you before online registration opens August 12th. 



  1. Elite Trio Men 

  2. Elite Trio Women

  3. Intermediate Trio Men

  4. Intermediate Trio Women

  5. Scaled Trio Men

  6. Scaled Trio Women


Other divisions;

  1. Elite Men

  2. Elite Women

  3. Intermediate Men

  4. Intermediate Women

  5. Scaled Men

  6. Scaled Women

  7. Masters Men 35-39

  8. Masters Women 35-39

  9. Masters Men 40-44

  10. Masters Women 40-44

  11. Masters Men 45+

  12. Masters Women 45+