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The Throwdown Series Welcomes Sondr as the Official Deodorant Sponsor for the 2024 Competition Series

Kelowna, BC - The Throwdown Series, Western Canada’s premier Functional Fitness competition, is thrilled to announce a novel partnership with SONDR, the innovative deodorant company based in Kelowna, BC, for its 2024 event lineup. This collaboration marks SONDR’s debut into the fitness event sponsorship arena, spotlighting their commitment to providing the CrossFit community with sustainable, ethical, and effective products.

SONDR, founded by Michelle Webber, was born out of a mission to offer high-quality, functional products that genuinely adhere to ethical practices. As a wedding planner enduring BC’s intense Okanagan sun and a passionate participant in various sweaty sports, Webber experienced firsthand the challenge of finding a deodorant that was both effective and aligned with her values of sustainability, natural ingredients, and ethical production. SONDR’s participation in The Throwdown Series as the Official Deodorant for the 2024 Okanagan Valley Throwdown in Penticton (April 20-21) and the Fraser Valley Throwdown in Richmond (September 27-29) signifies a new chapter in their journey to revolutionize personal care in the fitness community and beyond.

"SONDR was created from a need for products that can keep up with the active lifestyle of individuals like myself, without compromising on ethics or health. Partnering with The Throwdown Series, an event that embodies the spirit of determination and community, feels like a natural fit. We're excited to introduce SONDR to a community that values performance and ethical living as much as we do," said Michelle Webber, Founder of SONDR.

The Throwdown Series has become a cornerstone in the functional fitness landscape, attracting 300-500 competitors from Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. As the first CrossFit Licensed event in the region, it offers a unique platform for Sondr to engage with a community that prioritizes health, sustainability, and performance.

Jennifer Metituk, event organizer for The Throwdown Series, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership: "We are delighted to welcome SONDR as our Official Deodorant Sponsor for the 2024 series. Their commitment to creating products that are not only effective but also ethically produced and sustainable aligns perfectly with the values of our athletes and our community. As a bigger bonus they are Western Canadian based. This partnership represents an exciting step towards providing our participants with access to top-quality, locally-made products that meet their rigorous demands."

In addition to being the Official Deodorant of the 2024 competitions, SONDR is seeking to further engage with the community by scouting for an athlete ambassador among the Throwdown Series participants and offering special promotions to athletes.

Both The Throwdown Series and SONDR are looking forward to growing this partnership, introducing SONDR’s groundbreaking products to new demographics within the CrossFit community, and setting a new standard for sponsorships that align with the ethos of the participants.

For more information about The Throwdown Series and SONDR, please visit and

About The Throwdown Series

The Throwdown Series is a premier Functional Fitness competition in Western Canada, known for its high-energy, community-driven events in Penticton and Abbotsford, British Columbia. Attracting hundreds of competitors from across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, it has established itself as a pivotal event in the fitness community.


Founded in Kelowna, BC, by Michelle Webber, Sondr is dedicated to providing high-quality, functional deodorants that are ethical, healthy, and effective. Born from the necessity of having a product that can withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle without compromising ethical standards, SONDR stands at the intersection of performance and sustainability. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram



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